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Design Technology Evaluation Group
DTE Circuit Extraction
DTE Circuit Extraction

Our work supports a clients IP licensing and litigation actions and helps their legal and technical professionals capitalise on and protect their corporate R&D. We uncover key design, process, and technology IP concerning target products and companies. This information is also needed to achieve a more effective Intellectual Property strategy within a company. Our expertise can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your IP portfolio or a target portfolio. We can Identify your strong patents and conduct infringement investigation work. We can help you define licensing opportunities based on target portfolio weaknesses and we can help you establish defense potential where necessary. Our Intellectual Property investigation work involves:


Patent infringement analysis

  • Detailed familiarisation with patents in question
  • Physical preparation & investigation of product
  • Identify fabrication process specific information
  • Extract technology information
  • Extract design schematic & layout information
  • Correlate to patent claims & document observations

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Patent portfolio management

  • Identify strengths & weaknesses of client’s & target’s patent portfolios
  • Identify client’s strong patents & conduct infringement analysis
  • Define licensing opportunity based on target portfolio weaknesses
  • Establish defence potential where necessary

Market analysis

  • Identify overall turnover regarding a particular product line or family
  • Identify corresponding world market
  • Judge product line / product family revenue for a given manufacturer

Prior art investigation 

  • Literature review, conference & workshop material research, analysis of existing ICs and patent database investigation

Ted O'Shea
Head, Design Technology Evaluation
T: +353 21 4904159

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