Analysis & Reverse Engineering of Electronic Components & Assemblies

Analysis of Components and Assemblies


Tyndall offers a range of specialised services to investigate failure in electronic components and assemblies. The analytical work is carried out by a dedicated team of expert staff who between them have many years of experience in the microelectronics packaging field.  Services include:


  • Real time radiographic (x-ray) inspection.
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM).
  • Component decapsulation (chemical & mechanical).
  • Microsectioning.
  • Optical & scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
  • Energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) elemental analysis.
  • Pull, peel  & shear strength tests.
  • Seal tests for hermetic packaging.
  • Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND) test.
  • Wetting balance solderability tests.


Component / Package-Level Analysis


Tyndall carries out extensive construction analysis, reverse engineering and failure analysis work on microelectronic components. This is requested by clients for a variety of reasons, including vendor quality assessment, reliability enhancement and field failure investigation.  Common problems which are routinely investigated include: the delamination of plastic packaged components due to moisture ingress and exposure to soldering heat, lead plating defects, die damage, and contamination issues.


Tyndall staff are experienced in the analysis of a wide range of packaging technologies including, metal-can, ceramics, plastic-encapsulated, Multi-Chip Modules, Chip-on-Board assemblies and flip-chip assemblies.


PCB / System-Level Analysis


In addition to its component analysis capabilities, Tyndall also offers a comprehensive PCB and solder-assembly analysis service. Typically, this work includes the investigation of joint microstructure and quality, joint strengths, board solderability issues, pad / track defects and ionic contamination issues.


The group regularly carries out assembly qualification work for high-volume manufacturers involved in the manufacture of high-density  PCBs. This work includes the analysis of fine- pitch PQFP, BGA and micro-BGA solder joints as well as-microvias, intrusive-reflow joints and thru-hole joints.



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