Continuous Monitoring

Wireless Smart Pill Capsule
Wireless Smart Pill Capsule

While a single measurement may be sufficient for some healthcare applications, there is a growing need to enable continuous monitoring.

  • Tyndall has developed wireless telemetry solutions which can be connected to a range of sensors such as for inertia (i.e. movement), ECG (electrocardiograph), etc. Ongoing research is focussed on combining these telemetry platforms with a range of physiological, and biochemical sensing platforms, to enable wireless and secure data communication for realtime continuous healthcare monitoring. This technology has obvious applications for patients with chronic conditions and for monitoring of elderly people to facilitate community healthcare programmes.
  • An on-chip ultra wide band (UWB) pulsed radar technology has been developed by researchers based in Tyndall, which allows external continuous monitoring of patient health based on cardiovascular movements.  This provides the potential for solutions for a range of healthcare monitoring challenges.
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