Energy solutions

Integrating ICT into the systems and equipment in our home, workplace and outdoor environment offers an enormous opportunity to reduce energy consumption and deliver smarter and greener solutions.

Energy harvesting technology enables us to deploy self-powered wireless sensors without the need for battery replacement. These sensors are used to optimise energy usage in buildings and to interact with the smart grid to minimise load peaks and maximise renewable energy usage.

Wireless sensors are also used for conditional monitoring of equipment to determine when operating anomalies occur, thereby ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Miniaturisation technologies such as power supply on chip and thin film magnetics on silicon enable us to design smaller and more efficient high frequency power supplies for a broad range of applications, from smart phones and tablets to microprocessors in servers and radio base stations.

Key research activities in 2014 included:

  • Discrete soft magnetic thin film cores for offline power applications for commercial validation. Sponsored by Eisergy Nuvotem Talema and Excelsys Ltd. and Bourns Electronics.
  • Novel integrated magnetic thin films for digital isolation applications. Sponsored by Analog Devices Ireland and TEL Magnetic Solutions.
  • 3D power electronic packaging based on PCB embedded magnetics.
  • Wireless Sensor Network energy micro-generation and storage platform for the smart grid.
  • Simulation tools to assess the feasibility of energy harvesting in powering WSN nodes in commercial buildings.


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Solid-state Energy Applied Research (SEAR)

SEAR is a research cluster of excellence at Tyndall National Institute. It is dedicated to translating nanostructured solid-state materials and innovation into new battery and supercapacitor solutions to meet the short term and long-term demands of the global energy crisis. Download the SEAR presentation to see a more detailed overview.
Through the International energy research Centre (IERC) and the UCC-led ITOBO Strategic Research Cluster (SRC), Tyndall is developing solutions with major national and international partners to deliver smarter and greener energy solutions.


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