Tyndall is at the forefront of driving the convergence of ICT technology into healthcare applications.  Through its alliances with clinical, industrial, and academic partners in biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research Tyndall is creating new advanced solutions in diagnostic, therapeutics and monitoring that will enable:

  • New portable devices for point of care diagnosis
  • Implantable electronics for diagnostics and therapy
  • Wearable wireless electronics for physiological monitoring
  • Personalized and targetted treatment of illness
  • New materials for cell and tissue regeneration
  • Microneedles for painless drug delivery

Tyndall is engaged in selected research activities involving large multi-nationals and indigenous Irish companies through EU, national and direct contract research to advance these next generation healthcare solutions

Tyndall is actively engaged with clinical, industrial and academic partners leveraging innovative ICT technologies to provide solutions for healthcare applications. New opportunities for advancing healthcare solutions are being developed by Tyndall researchers, through the convergence of ICT research with collaborators engaged in clinical, biotechnology, bioengineering and pharmaceutical research.  The resultant converging technologies are enabling new solutions to a broad spectrum of healthcare challenges, including new or less invasive surgical interventions, new technologies for early diagnosis and continuous monitoring, new technologies enabling personalized and /or targeted therapeutic delivery, new materials for enabling cell and tissue regeneration and new integrated systems which combine early diagnosis and therapy.  Tyndall is engaged in selected research and development activities, involving large multinationals and SME companies through EU, national and direct contract research funded programmes, to advance these next-generation healthcare technologies.

The priority challenges for healthcare over the coming decades as identified by experts in Europe (European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine Strategic Research Agenda 2006) and elsewhere, will be to provide new solutions for cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, musculoskeletal and inflammatory diseases, diabetes and various infectious diseases. These challenges must also be set against the background of an aging population, over-crowded hospitals, and the ever-increasing costs of providing healthcare. Therefore, the new innovative technologies being developed by Tyndall and its collaborators are targeting affordable solutions to the above challenges, which should be accessible to the wider population, and are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Tyndall research capabilities allow concepts to be taken through the complete development cycle from design, through to device fabrication, to prototype system integration, right up to product development and validation, using the state-of-the-art research infrastructure available within Tyndall and through its collaborators. In particular, the multidisciplinary research groups in Tyndall (i.e. approximately 80 researchers working on technology solutions for health applications) are actively collaborating with various clinicians and clinical experts based in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), to provide the full spectrum of expertise to enable the development of these next generation healthcare technologies from concept right through to clinical validation. Collaborations between Tyndall researchers working on technology solutions for Health, are also active within other large national research initiatives including the BioDiagnostic Institute, CLARITY (sensors for the web), the Competence Centre for Applied Nanotechnology (CCAN), the National Biophotonics Imaging Platform (NBIP) and the National Access Programme (based in Tyndall). Tyndall is and has been very successful in attracting funding from the various European Framework programmes, and is a leading research institute at Europe level for health related technology research.

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