IC Technology Assessment

Before finalising R&D plans, you need to know your competition. Similarly you may need to understand quality issues concerning your own products compared to competitor's products. We perform quality assessment and can extract circuit, process and assembly information, thus speeding up your benchmarking process and new market planning. We acquire extremely
accurate technical information and fully document circuit design and technology details to help you recognise functional blocks and specific technology features. We perform either full or partial circuit extraction depending on your requirements. Our reports include transistor level schematics, device sizes, block level description and a plan view plot.

We extract process technology information using FIB and conventional cross-sectioning techniques coupled with SEM, EDX, TEM(ext), SIMS(ext), SRP doping profile and material analysis techniques, to provide you with a highly informative confidential document.


Using this knowledge and skill base we also perform the following for Industry:

  • Competitive evaluation
  • Quality assessment
  • Acquiring data for simulating component performance
  • Identifying undisclosed manufacturing changes
  • Identifying inherent reliability issues
  • Diagnosing new designs
  • Evaluating IC failure
  • Acquiring information for use in future IC failure analysis
  • Evaluating test structures
  • Doping profile analysis (SRP)
  • Crystal defect etching
  • Process parameter wafer measurements

Ted O'Shea
Head, Design Technology Evaluation
E: ted.oshea@tyndall.ie
T: +353 21 4904159

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