Innovative Tools for Surgery

One of the most important developments in the healthcare sector in recent years has been the move towards less invasive surgeries. Tyndall has developed a number of technology solutions to facilitate further development in this direction.

  • A miniaturised diagnostic system has been developed, in which a complete integrated system including diagnostic, signal processing and communications capabilities have been condensed within a smart pill. This is also compatible with adaptation to integration within minimally invasive surgical devices.
  • The next generation ultrasonic sensors known as Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (CMUTs) and high sensitivity optical sensors (Avalanche Photo Diodes – APDs) have been fabricated in Tyndall, and are compatible with integration within minimally invasive devices, or for integration within the next generation imagining devices.
  • High power but low energy microLED devices have been fabricated in Tyndall, which are compatible with implantable systems e.g. for neural stimulation and integration on existing surgical devices for various applications.
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