Integrated Magnetics

MagIC – making magnetics disappear into IC’s

Tyndall’s ‘Integrated Magnetics group are widely recognized as World Leaders in the area of Integrated Magnetic Passives for Power Supply on Chip technology. With over 100 man years of research effort in this field, the group has demonstrated multi-disciplinary skill set for Power Magnetics research which makes it unique within the European Power Electronics landscape. Over a period of 20 years, Tyndall’s Integrated Magnetics group has demonstrated World beating results in the area of Integrated Magnetics for PCB and On-Silicon applications. In this period group has developed innovative solutions in all aspects of Power Magnetics research, including design, material & process development, micro-fabrication, electrical characterization, packaging and reliability.

The group was the first to develop an optimization CAD tool for design of magnetic passive components on silicon, establish a magnetics processing platform for prototyping on-silicon magnetics and development of best-in class magnetic materials. To date, the group have demonstrated highest efficiency for a micro-inductor (93%), highest efficiency micro-transformer (80%) and ultra-low loss high flux density soft magnetic materials (less than half ferrite power loss density). The team are presently co-ordinating the first EU-funded FP7 project on development of Power Supply on Chip technology (PowerSwipe) and are leading the Power Supply development Work Package in an IBM-led FP7 project, Carricool.

Tyndall Magnetics - Key Achievements

  • Highest efficiency (93%) demonstrated for micro-inductors. Demonstrated in converter ckts at 500mA up to 100MHz.
  • Highest voltage gain, inductance density & efficiency (80%) for micro-transformers at 20 MHz.
  • First CAD tool for power micro-inductors.
  • First high frequency integrated power magnetics using pulsed reverse electroplated magnetic material.
  • Co-ordinating the first EU funded project on PwrSoC, to establish an European supply chain.
  • Patented technology on micro-inductor/transformer designs.
  • Tyndall Magnetics profile
    • 100+ Man years of effort             
    • €30M Investment over 20 years
  • Magnetic Materials
    • Thin-film, sputtered/electroplated magnetic core
    • Functional Integration in package, PCB, silicon

  • Power Magnetics Design
    • Optimisation models validated
    • Focus on efficiency & footprint
    • High frequency >100MHz
    • High inductance density, Low DCR Novel topologies

  • Multidisciplinery research capability
    • Design, Fabrication, Magnetic Materials, Wafer-level Test, Packaging/Integration, Reliability
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