Low power Energy aware Systems

Tyndall indoor Solar energy harveter
Tyndall indoor Solar energy harveter

One of the most significant challenges in researching and developing smart systems for sensing and actuation is to cater for the conflicting applications needs:-

  • The smart system typically looks for as much (electrical/processing) power as possible to maximise its ability to gather and process data as well as convert the resultant decisions into actions


  • For wireless self powered system the power budget should be kept to an absolute minimum to increase the likelihood that a low cost, reasonable sized energy harvesting and storage solution can be devised.

For many of the application areas that Tyndall serves (energy efficiency, healthcare, environmental monitoring) the ambient energies available (solar, thermal, vibrational) are very limited and sporadic.

This means that every effort must be made to harvest and store the energy efficiently at a usable voltage level and with minimal leakage loss.

On the application side it also means minimising the functionality to render energy harvesting possible examining factors such as sensor types, micocontroller, transceiver, duty cycle, RF range and protocol, sensor drivers, middleware interface, etc.  

Tyndall focuses its research efforts in low power wireless solutions including hardware, middleware and software as well as developing high efficiency low leakage energy harvesting solutions. Furthermore these activities are integrated to bridging the gap between available ambient and required energies for powering of wireless sensors.


For further information please contact Mike Hayes michael.hayes@tyndall.ie +353 21 4904328


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