Microfabrication Process Development

20 MHz Converter and MicroinductorIf the power supply on chip (PSOC) concept is to be realised then the technology for the passive component fabrication must be compatible with integration on to the silicon IC. Already a high degree of integration can be achieved for the active parts of the converter, with the power switches, drivers and control integrated on to a single IC. The micro-inductor technology been developed at Tyndall can facilitate the integration of the magnetic components. The image below shows a 20 Mhz converter IC and a Tyndall fabricated micro-inductor.


As frequencies of integrated converters rise, the feature sizes of integrated components will subsequently decrease.  These miniaturized devices need greater process stability with tighter tolerances on component sizes, requiring new techniques to overcome these design constraints.  Additionally, as well as device integration, the novel materials and deposition processes developed for micropower projects require new techniques for their successful integration into the fabrication process. 


Dr. Saibal Roy
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