Wireless Sensors
Wireless Sensors

The grand challenge for the centre is focused on developing a fundamental understanding of how to interface microelectronics with : 

  • the built and the natural environment to improve the quality of our environment through monitoring and control
  • the human body to enhance our health and well-being through diagnostics and therapeutics.

Microsystems Centre research endeavours to demonstrate the “atoms to systems” model at Tyndall with particular emphasis on the development of innovative materials, devices and microsystem hardware platforms that address key society challenges. With a cohort of 80 researchers, led by 12 Principal Investigators, the Centre is engaged in multi-disciplinary, collaborative programmes, with both industry and academia.

Research programmes in the Centre focus on:

  • Energy management for buildings including wireless sensors and associated energy harvesting.
  • Remote and portable water quality monitoring and screening of contaminants.
  • Wearable electronics for physiological and motion monitoring in health and sports performance.
  • Biomedical electronic devices for on-the-body and in-the-body diagnostics and therapeutics. 
  • Portable systems for point-of-care diagnostics.

Miniaturisation, autonomy and the life sciences interface are key drivers for the Centre’s research. The miniaturisation agenda leverages the “More than Moore” space and focuses on the packaging and heterogeneous systems integration of a range of different materials, devices and circuits. Autonomy is focused on enabling appropriate communications with and between microsystems platforms, in terms of range, data rate and power as well as facilitating self powering through the use of various forms of energy harvesting from the surrounding environment. The life sciences interface addresses the challenge of providing reliable transduction between the electronics/photonics regime and that of the built/natural environment or the body.   

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