Targeted Therapeutic Delivery

Silicon fabrication facilities for microneedle manufacture
Silicon fabrication facilities for microneedle manufacture

Key challenges for effective therapeutic delivery is to facilitate a low cost deployment solution of expensive medicines, while ensure compliance of the patient with the prescribed frequency and dosage of the therapy. Tyndall has developed a painless drug delivery solution, which comprises of arrays of microneedles typically 0.3 – 0.5mm in length. Working with collaborators in the School of Pharmacy (University College Cork), it has been demonstrated that these needle arrays allow drugs and vaccines to be taken through the strateum corneum, which is the protective layer on the skin designed to protect the body against infection, but without touching the nerves. Not only does this provide a means to delivery therapeutics for dermatological applications, but this platform has been demonstrated to enable delivery of vaccines for systemic applications in preclinical tests. These microneedle arrays have also been demonstrated to provide an effective platform as dry electrode arrays for electrophysiological monitoring.

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