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CFF Wafer processing personnel
CFF Wafer processing personnel

The Central Fabrication Facility (CFF) brings all of the fabrication capabilities of Tyndall into a single operational unit.  The motivation behind this is to provide seamless access to the facilities for our customers.  CFF is also fully integrated to other key elements within Tyndall such as Packaging, Design, Test & Characterization. This provides our customers with a complete service solution from concept through to complete device, circuit or system.  Tyndall has a formal relationship with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), which will facilitate a route to clinical trials for devices and structures targeted at the medical market.  There is also a long collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and many devices fabricated at Tyndall have flown in ESA missions.


Tyndall’s Central Fabrication Facilities  consists of three distinct cleanroom spaces, 250m2 of class 1,000 and class 10 for silicon fabrication, 750m2 of class 10,000 and class 100 for MEMS and compound semiconductor fabrication and 40m2 of class 1000 for e-beam lithography.

The Central Fab is organised into numerous separate activities; 

Tyndall’s Central Fabrication Facilities manage the interface between the various cleanrooms to maximise access to facilities whilst ensuring no cross-contamination.

All of Tyndall’s cleanroom facilities are compatible with 100mm substrates and most of the equipment in silicon and MEMS can be converted to 150mm operation should the need arise.   One of the key attractions in working with CFF at Tyndall is the degree of flexibility available. There are a number of baseline processes available in silicon. These can be added to or adapted as required by users, for instance to add sensors to CMOS.  There is “one way” wafer exchange between silicon and III-V and this facilitates the addition of metals to MOS processes that are not normally available. 

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