Wireless Sensor Networks

Tyndall 25mm and 10mm Motes
Tyndall 25mm and 10mm Motes

The Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) team is developing a range of ISM band wireless sensing systems for deployment in the environment around us focusing on the key areas of the environment and fitness and health.

R&D is focussed on the use of these wireless sensing systems

  • in the monitoring of energy consumption in the buildings
  • wearable systems for the monitoring of movement and various physiological parameters
  • environmental monitoring
  • in the development of the hardware and software to enable these deployments such as the ISM band Radio technologies, the software to control the systems, and the energy harvesting technologies to enable long term deployments of these systems in autonomous operation.


Wireless Sensor Networks Research

Specifically, the research focuses on the areas of:



Brendan O'Flynn
Phone: +353 21 4904041
Email: brendan.oflynn(at)tyndall.ie

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