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25/05/2016 Health Tech Event - Photonic Systems for Life Sciences Applications At Tyndall
02/09/2015 Photonics Ireland 2015 External
20/04/2015 IEEE Distinguished Lecture Professor Ludwig Schultz At Tyndall
25/02/2015 A 4×20Gb/s WDM Ring-Based Hybrid CMOS Silicon Photonics Transceiver P O'Brien External
14/01/2015 Electrochemical Applications of Functionalised Ionic Liquids Dr. Andrew Doherty At Tyndall
12/01/2015 Think locally - adventures with the energy landscapes of inorganic solids - Prof Neil L. Allan Prof Neil L. Allan School of Chemistry, University of Bristol At Tyndall
11/11/2014 What can electron microscopy reveal? Prof Ursel Bangert, Department of Physics and Energy University of Limerick and Bernal Chair of Microscopy and Imaging in University of Limerick At Tyndall
28/10/2014 Eamon O’Connor: PhD Presentation Eamon O’Connor At Tyndall
21/10/2014 DL_SOFTWARE Tutorial Dr. Chin Yong and Dr. Michael Seaton At Tyndall
04/09/2014 Lensless ultra-miniature computational sensors and imagers: Using computing to do the work of optics Dr. David G. Stork, Rambus Fellow, Rambus Labs. At Tyndall
04/09/2014 Lensless ultra-miniature computational sensors and imagers: Using computing to do the work of optics Dr. David G. Stork Rambus Fellow Rambus Labs At Tyndall
27/08/2014 Anvil Semiconductor Presentation Dr. Peter Ward - Anvil Semiconductor. MD Peter has had an extensive industrial career in the development and manufacturing of Silicon power and RF devices in both large organisations (STMicroelectronics and Plessey) and start-ups. He has worked in every aspect of the industry from basic technology research, through product development, to managing RF and Power device business units. At Tyndall
20/07/2014 5th International Workshop on Bismuth-Containing Semiconductors: Growth, Properties and Devices Details of invited speakers can be found on our website At Tyndall
27/06/2014 Public Outreach Event on 'Photonics: The Science of Light' External
29/01/2014 9th NAP Annual Scientific Workshop Chair: Dr. Alan O'Riordan At Tyndall
21/10/2013 Tyndall National Institute-IIBA Networking Event for India At Tyndall
14/10/2013 Institute of Physics Guest Speaker Series 2013/14 Professor Manish Chhowalla from Rutgers University, USA At Tyndall
21/05/2013 Photonics Seminar Peter Blood, Cardiff University At Tyndall
15/05/2013 SFI Walton Visiting Fellow Programme - Lecture Prof Reis Professor David A. Reis PULSE Institute, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University At Tyndall
23/01/2013 'No More Needles?' - UCC Annual Public Lecture Series Dr. Conor O'Mahony External
04/10/2012 Schrödinger Lecture 2012 Professor Siegmar Roth At Tyndall
19/09/2012 Graduate Training Workshop in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship External
18/09/2012 Speech Prosthesis: Problems and Solutions Dr. Phil Kennedy, MD, PhD. Neural Signals Inc. At Tyndall
12/07/2012 Big Science for Small Countries International policy leaders in this area. External
11/07/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Sir Harold (Harry) Kroto. Francis Eppes Professor of Chemistry at Florida State University. At Tyndall
13/06/2012 Nanopore and Nanowire Arrays as Platforms for Enhanced Chemical Sensing and Molecular Transformations Prof. Paul Bohn, University of Notre Dame At Tyndall
29/05/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Interfacing quantum dots to atomic vapors" Dr Val Zwiller, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, TU Delft, The Netherlands At Tyndall
21/05/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Professor Paul Corkum At Tyndall
13/05/2012 Microneedles 2012 - 2nd International Conference on Microneedles External
01/05/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Towards unrepeatered optical fibre telecommunication over 10 billion light years Prof. Tim Birks, Department of Physics, University of Bath, United Kingdom. At Tyndall
03/04/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Quantum optics with semiconductor quantum dots in microcavities" Prof. Frank Jahnke At Tyndall
27/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Semiconductor based quantum optical nanosystems" Prof. Jonathan Finley (Walter Schottky Institut, Munich) At Tyndall
26/03/2012 From Beijing to London Delivering Olympic & Elite Sport in Cross Cultural Context External
20/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Room-temperature charge storage with type-II quantum dots" Dr Robert J. Young (Lancaster University) At Tyndall
15/03/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Richard G Compton At Tyndall
06/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Photonic crystal waveguides and cavities" Prof. Thomas Krauss (University of St Andrews) At Tyndall
02/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series joint with the Department of Chemistry - "New Sc-based III-nitrides for photonic applications" Dr Michelle Moram (Imperial College London) At Tyndall
28/02/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Optical Resonator Biosensors" Dr Frank Vollmer (Laboratory of Biophotonics and Biosensing Max-Planck Institute) At Tyndall
22/02/2012 Invited Talk: A micro and nanotechnology materials business in anti-counterfeiting and security Dr. Adrian Burden, Head of Bilcare Technologies Europe At Tyndall
06/02/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Professor Ferenc Krausz At Tyndall
31/01/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "III-V nanowires: how do they grow and which heterostructures can be realized" Dr Jean-Christophe Harmand (CNRS - Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures) At Tyndall
25/01/2012 Annual National Access Programme Scientific Workshop Various invited speakers At Tyndall
25/01/2012 Nanosensors: sensitive little things Dr. Alan O'Riordan External
24/01/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Applications of nano-photonics to solid state lighting" Dr Duncan Allsopp (University of Bath) At Tyndall
10/01/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Capacity in Fiber Optic Communications. The case for a radically new fiber." Andrew Ellis At Tyndall
08/12/2011 Seminar Prof. Joachim Knoch Prof. Joachim Knoch At Tyndall
06/12/2011 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Optical Fibre Manipulations Enabling State-of-the-Art Technologies" Dr. Dominic F. Murphy (Waterford Institute of Technology) At Tyndall
25/11/2011 Tyndall Lecture Series/Schrödinger-Lecture Professor Wolfgang Kautek University of Vienna At Tyndall
17/11/2011 Invited talk:ENIAC Dr. Yves Gigase, Head of Programmes, ENIAC At Tyndall
17/11/2011 Invited talk on Nanocoaxial Arrays Michael .J. Naughton and Cyril .P. Opeil, Department of Physics, Boston College At Tyndall
08/11/2011 "Growth and Applications of InAlN for opto and electronic devices" - Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 Prof. Peter Parbrook At Tyndall
03/11/2011 An MTT-S Distinguished Microwave Lecture Co-sponsored by IEEE Solid State Circuits Society UKRI Chapter Prof. Manos M. TENTZERIS Georgia Institute of Technology At Tyndall
02/11/2011 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 Prof. Nabeel Riza (Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Cork) At Tyndall
28/10/2011 Prof. Joseph Paradiso of MIT Media Laboratory will deliver a lecture entitled ‘Living with Ubiquitous Sensing and Dynamic Responsive Prof. Joseph Paradiso of MIT Media Laboratory At Tyndall
28/10/2011 Dr. Evgeni Gusev of Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, will give a talk called ‘MEMS and Sensing Going Mobile’ Dr. Evgeni Gusev of Qualcomm MEMS Technologies At Tyndall
28/10/2011 IEEE Sensors 2011 External
18/10/2011 Invited Talk on Trends in Analog-Digital Interface Design Prof. Mike Flynn of University of Michigan At Tyndall
13/10/2011 Integrated EM noise suppressor for cell phone RFIC receiver Handset . M. Yamaguchi, Director of Electromagnetic Theory Division and Prof of Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan At Tyndall
10/10/2011 Seminar in Silicon Polymers Professor Julian Koe, ICU, Tokyo, Japan At Tyndall
12/09/2011 Sensors & their Applications (S&A XVI) External
11/05/2011 PiFAS Scientific Workshop External
14/03/2011 ULIS - 2011 At Tyndall
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