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We have the pleasure to invite you to an initiation tutorial in classical molecular dynamics using DL_SOFTWARE suite. The tutorial will take place between 21st-23rd of October 2014, at Tyndall National Institute in Cork and is jointly organised by Dr. Michael Nolan from Tyndall, Dr. Ilian Todorov (STFC, Daresbury, UK), Dr. Alin Elena (ICHEC).
Dr. Chin Yong and Dr. Michael Seaton
Tyndall National Institute
At Tyndall

During this three days tutorial we will cover, together with the developers of the codes, DL_POLY,DL_FIELD and DL_MESO. DL_FIELD and DL_MESO days will be lead by their developers Dr. Chin Yong and Dr. Michael Seaton. A poster session for the participants to show case their research interests will be hold at the end of day 1, see the full programme for details.

The number of participants will be limited to around 20. A fee of €50 is payable at registration time. Please use the application form to show your interest. Please provide a 500 words motivation so we can select the people who can benefit the most from tutorial.
The registration will be closed on 6th of October at 10am Irish Summer Time.
For more information do not hesitate to contact the organisers by email: Alin alin.elena@ichec.ie Michael - michael.nolan@tyndall.ie and Ilian - ilian.todorov@stfc.ac.uk

For full information on the event please see here

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