Materials Modelling for Devices

Our research group aims to understand and predict how devices work, by research based on modelling materials at the atomic scale. We supply fundamental insights into how materials perform in various technologies, ranging from electronics to solar power, and so work closely with experimental groups in academia and industry.  There is particular focus on modelling atomic layer deposition (ALD) and heterogeneous catalysis at surfaces.



for Devices

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) of alumina, hafnia/zirconia and rare earth oxides

Thin film on semiconductor substrate

Thin film dielectrics for transistors, capacitors and memory

Oxide-oxide heterojunctions on titania

Photocatalysis for renewable energy

Chemistries for depositing copper metal and surfaces during growth

Cu islands from AbaCus+H2 on SiO2 (courtesy J. Connolly, Applied Materials)

3D nanoelectronic interconnects

Surfaces of ceria

Oxides with metal particles for catalysis

Heterogeneous catalysis

Native oxides of III-V semiconductors

Interfaces in CMOS transistors

Amorphous-crystalline silicon interfaces in nanowires

Photovoltaic solar cells

Multi-scale modelling of oxide growth

Multi-scale modelling of film growth

Thin film dielectrics for transistors, capacitors and memory

ALD of silicon nitride and silicon oxide and charge trapping in silicon nitride

Amidosilane adsorbing onto amine surface

Etch-resistant layers for fabricating electronic devices

Transparent conductive oxides

TCO material

Solar cells and smart windows

Industry and technology partners:

We have bilateral projects including industry funding with:

In addition, we are involved in multi-lateral projects and have published joint papers with other companies.

University collaboration:

We have joint papers or bilateral projects with:

as well as multi-lateral projects with other research groups world-wide.

Our students are registered with University College Cork.

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