Nanotechnology Group

Our group focuses on making and integrating nanostructures and nanoelectrodes.

We are an interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in chemical, physical and life sciences and also electronic and microelectronic engineering. Our core expertise is in:

  • Wet-chemical synthesis of nanostructures.
  • Wafer-scale, CMOS-compatible fabrication of nanoelectrodes, nanoporous templates and 3D nanostructured electrodes.
  • Integration of nanostructures into devices fabricated using conventional "top - down" processes.
  • Nanometrology, electrochemical/electrical characterisation and optical spectroscopy.
Nanoelectrodes for ppb-scale (nM) electrochemical sensing for food, animal health and security. On-chip and on-foil 3-D nanostructured electrodes for energy storage.  Group IV nanocrystals for light emission, photovoltaics and chemical sensing.

Flexible nanorod arrays for SERS

Plasmonic nanoarrays for biophotonics

Graphene and transparent electrodes

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