Materials Chemistry & Analysis Group

Materials Chemistry and Analysis Group

Every aspect of basic nanoscale science, as well as the commercial production of nanotechnologies, is dependent upon the capacity of instruments and methodologies to fabricate, measure, sense and manipulate matter at the nanoscale. The Materials Chemistry and Analysis Group focus on the development of chemical methods for the synthesis, fabrication and assembly of nanostructured materials and their in-depth characterisation by advanced electron microscopy techniques. In particular, we are interested in understanding nanoscale phenomenon in materials and determining structure-property relationships that enable the creation of novel functional devices with applications in electronics, sensing, energy storage and conversion and chemical separations.


Nanomaterials Fabrication and Processing

Central to our research is the combination of “bottom up” synthetic methods with “top down” integration and processing techniques. Material sets of interest include semiconductor nanowires, porous oxide films, metal nanoparticles, chemically modified semiconductor surfaces, functional carbon materials and others.


Advanced Analysis and Characterisation

Within the group a variety of electron microscopy and surface techniques are utilised to characterise the bulk and surface properties of materials. The electron microscopy research is based within at the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Facility (EMAF) at Tyndall.


Professor Justin D. Holmes. (Group Leader):
Tel: +353 21 4903608

Dr Nikolay Petkov (Senior Researcher / Electron Microscopy Activity Leader)
Tel: +353 21 4205713

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