Technology Licensing

Licensing of technology developed through Tyndall's research programs is one of the primary methods of delivering technology to industry. Tyndall has a rigorous policy of intellectual property management ensuring that the ownership and protection of intellectual property is strictly controlled making it straightforward for industry to license technology. Tyndall technology transfer is supported through the Business Development Centre at Tyndall and by the UCC Office of Technology Transfer. New ideas and technology are being developed and protected continuously.

The following is a list of patents or patent applications that are avaialble for licensing:


Technology available for Licensing

Junctionless Transistor
Electronically Tunable Semiconductor Laser
3D Compass: A full range Solid State Navigation System
PCB Fluxgate Magnetic Field Sensors
Carbon Nanotube - PT composite Fuel Cell catalyst
Nano-composite Thermal Interface Material

Space Technology in Radiation Monitoring Applications

ALD Technologies - Low Cost ALD Coating Equipment

Broadband LED Light for High-Value Lamp Replacement

Real-Time Parametric Equalizer for Ultrasonic Applications

ImmuPatch – Enhanced immunization via transdermal microneedle patch

Point-of-Care Diagnostic Microsystem for Rapid Genetic Analysis

Dissolvable drug-loaded microneedle patch fabrication process


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