Hosted Centres at Tyndall

IERC - International Energy Research Centre

IPIC - Irish Photonic Integration Centre

MCCI - Microelectronic Circuit Centre Ireland

CONNECT - Centre for Future Networks

To maximise this opportunity, Tyndall will leverage its technical expertise and pilot line/fabrication capabilities to develop new partnerships with industry and other research bodies to provide value-added multidisciplinary solutions and breakthrough product technology. Research commercialisation will be accelerated through close collaborationwith the Tyndall hosted industry led centres in microelectronics (MCCI), energy efficiency (IERC), Photonics (IPIC) and future network CONNECT.

* MCCI: Microelectronic Circuits Centre of Ireland, IERC: International Energy Research Centre + IPIC: Irish Photonic Integration Centre.

**Tyndall is leading the ‘Responsive Things’ theme for the Connect Centre with headquarters at Trinity College, Dublin’

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